About us

Who are we?

NGO Pestalozzi Guatemala was founded on the 2nd of October 2007 by a Swiss, along with several Guatemalan citizens.

It was officially registered on the 2nd of April 2008 by the Home Secretary of Guatemala under the denomination «Organizacion no gubernamental Pestalozzi».

It is concerned primarily by the precarious conditions of formal education, as well as socioeconomic life in communities in the department of Huehuetenango (northwestern Guatemala), which are in situations of extreme poverty.


What Do we do?

We contribute to the improvement of schools, as well as community development.

We promote projects of social and economic development.

Where do our efforts lead?

Until now, we have tried to give a better education to children.

Following the recent school construction policy by the new Guatemalan government, we have been able to reorientate our efforts towards apprenticeships of various professional occupations.

What is our creed?

Our creed is to guide, advise and support people until they reach goals they consider positive for their own growth.